About Win Win Win Marketing

Our Story

Joakim Hansson

Joakim Hansson - Founder
Win  Win Win Marketing

Hi I'm Joakim and I'm the founder of Win Win Win Marketing. I'm a Digital Marketing Strategist from Sweden. I've been working in sales and marketing as an entrepreneur since I was in my early twenties back at the end of the eighties.

For years I struggled with getting measurable results from marketing and advertising.

Then I discovered an almost 100 year old high integrity method where you give before before you ask. You give valuable information (not a sales message)  so the person can make an informed decision before you ask for anything.

The reason for that is very simple. People buy from someone they know, trust and like.

You build trust first, so when you do ask, it’s more of recommendation than a pitch.

Based on those principles I created a modern system that generates predictable, scalable profitable results from your advertising.

I call it "How To Turn Advertising Into Profit And Stable Cash Flow!"

Now I help other business owners turn advertising into profit and stabel cash flow with that system. More leads, customers, increased sales, profit and cash flow.

Our Values

We are strong believers in abundance mentality. The name, Win Win Win Marketing, the three wins, comes from our values.

  • ​It's Good for Us - if we do  a good job we will be greatly compensated for that. 
  • It's Good for You - if we cannot deliver value and results that are good for You, we're not interested in taking your money.
  • It's Good for Your Clients - if what you do is not good for your clients we're not interested in helping you. 

What We Do

We help businesses turn advertising into profit in a predictable, scalable way using proven systems. We are specialized in marketing funnels that converts cold, paid traffic into leads and customers. Ask Method Quiz funnels is one of the best system there is for this and one of our favourites. 

We also create and manage advertising campaigns​ on Google Display Network, Facebook advertising, Native Advertising platforms and more.​

How We Do It

  • Audit of your needs and proposal of what type of funnel (system) to use.
  • Analysis including surveys of prospects and clients that will decide the segmentation.
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Mantanence

Who We Serve

We serve Owners, Partners, CEOs and Marketing Managers of Small and Medium sized businesses. Your company is most likely in the professional services, consulting, coaching, software, SaaS, e-learning or digital publishing industry. But it doesn't have to be.

We are based in Europe, but you don’t need to be. We work with clients “virtually” using telephone, Skype, online meetings with video. We communicate in English and Swedish. Your own native language doesn’t matter.