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What We Do

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We help 7 and 8-figure or bigger online companies scale their advertising profitably on multiple ad networks.

There are 3 main things which make us unique:

-We know how to scale ads profitably (with ad budgets over $100k per month)

-We know how to do it on multiple ad networks

-We use an advanced tracking system to get the real results of the performance of our ads (ad networks’ built-in tracking systems are inaccurate and may give the wrong impression of the performance of ads)

Our Mission

Our advertising strategies have proven themselves many times over and they help us carry out our mission:
To Turn Advertising Into Profits

Our Values

We are strong believers in abundance mentality. The name, Win Win Win Marketing, the three wins, comes from our values.

  • It's Good for Us - if we do a good job we will be greatly compensated for that. 
  • It's Good for You - if we cannot deliver value and results that are good for You, we're not interested in taking your money.
  • It's Good for Your Clients - if what you do is not good for your clients we're not interested in helping you.

Introducing Our Team

Joakim Hansson

Founder & CEO, Media Buyer

Joakim has used Google AdWords since 2004, Facebook ads since 2009. He is specialized in high-volume ad campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Google Display Network – GDN, Native Ad Networks (Taboola etc.) 

In his previous career he was a CEO of two 8-Figure companies & a VP of Marketing & Sales for a 9-Figure. He holds an Executive MBA from INSEAD & Copenhagen Business School

Michaël Sochaczewski

COO & Media Buyer 

Michaël is called "Mikka" and lives near Paris in France with his wife and two sons.
He is an Adskills Certified Media Buyer. His background includes having his own e-commerce businesses as well as helping brands expand globally as an Amazon Consultant.

At WWWM, Michaël is managing operations as COO and also helping clients get results as media buyer.  

Trevor "Toe Cracker" Crook

Copy Chief

Trevor was recently the International Copy Chief at Agora Financial and is mentor to many top level copywriters. His copy has generated over a billion $ in sales for his clients.

At WWWM, Trevor is Copy Chief. He reviews and critiques our ad copy, advertorials and landing pages.

Greg Janiszewski

Head of Research & Copywriter

Greg is a Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist certified by Direct Marketer. He has successfully helped his customers increase conversions from their websites and ad campaigns. He’s officially addicted to copywriting books and courses.

At WWWM, Greg is head of research and also responsible for writing advertorials and ads for the media buyers to use in ad copy..

Humayun Miah

Humayun Miah

Media Buyer & Campaign Strategist

Humayun is based in UK and has been running paid media for over 7 years. He's helped many large scale businesses grow further using Facebook ads and google as well as running his own e-com store and affiliate marketing campaigns.

At WWWM, Humayun is a Media Buyer and Campaign Strategist ensuring clients get the best results from their paid media efforts.

Natalia Przybylska-Hansson

CFO & HR Manager

Natalia is Joakim’s wife and the CEO of the Hansson family:) She has her spiritual business dedicated to inspiring women to create their best lives – NataliaPH.com. Natalia is also a partner in a film production company on the Costa Blanca, Spain producing documentary-style films where she is the presenter as well – UpnowCostaBlanca.com

At WWWM, Natalia is handling financial & personnel matters as CFO & HR Manager. She is also the company’s life coach.

Testimonial by Brian D. Ridgway - #1 International Bestselling Author

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