The IMPACT Score: Your Guide to Successful Ad Campaigns in 2020 and Beyond

Fill out the free 3-minute IMPACT Questionnaire and discover how to make your ad campaigns more profitable — with long-lasting and compliant ads

3 Ways the IMPACT Score Helps You Run Successful Ad Campaigns

  • The Indisputable Messaging Score shows if your ads comply with the ad networks’ policies
    Compliant ads are cheap to run, they convert better and they last longer. Plus, such ads will never cause your ad account to be banned.
  •  The Proliferating Ad Engine Score shows how secure your business is
    Advertising on multiple platforms is a must in 2020 and beyond. This strategy is more profitable and it makes your business independent from only one traffic source.
  • The Cross-Channel Tracking Score shows how accurate your ad tracking is
    Flawed tracking is the #1 reason why businesses struggle with scaling their ad campaigns with profit (and most businesses don’t know about it).

Who’s Joakim Hansson

I’m a direct-response media buyer and marketer with 16 years of experience in running online ads. During my career, I’ve overseen in excess of a $1 billion in sales.

Since 2013, I’ve been running an online ad agency Win Win Win Marketing. We’ve been managing and scaling ad campaigns for 7- and 8-figure businesses.

Some Companies We Have Helped Scale

Jon Giaan

Jon Giaan


Mark Rolton

Bill Polous

Bill Poulos

Greg Polous

Greg Poulos

Boris Schrenzel

 Brendan Elias

Brendan Elias

atozformula wordmark
Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel

Nacho Munoz

Nacho Muñoz

Brian D. Ridgeway

Brian D. Ridgway

Robert Coorey

Robert Coorey


Run More Effective Ads — Starting Today

By checking the IMPACT Score you can quickly identify the weak spots in your online advertising. These guidelines are the foundation for our success as an ad agency. Today, you can take advantage of our method and use it to improve your ad campaigns for free.

Click the button below and fill out the short questionnaire. Then, you’ll immediately receive your IMPACT Score along with a short explanation of what to do to fix the potential issues.

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