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Robert Coorey


Robert Coorey



"422 High Quality B2B Leads In Less Than 3 Months

I’m Robert Coorey. I used to run a digital marketing agency (Feed A Starving Crowd) and I’m the co-founder of Archistar.ai - world-first artificial intelligence that helps property professionals find profitable development sites. And I would like to recommend Win Win Win Marketing ad agency.

In 2018, we had no time and not enough resources to advertise our AI software on different ad networks. That’s why we started looking for an agency that could handle it for us.

And this is when my good friend and copywriter, Alexi Neocleous, connected me with Win Win Win Marketing, saying that they fit my description perfectly.

WWWM team has set up and run our B2B lead-generating campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Search.

We were more than happy with the results. For example, in less than 3 months, WWWM’s campaigns generated over 422 high quality B2B leads with the average cost of just $42.41 per lead.

What I liked most about them is that they’re professional and transparent. I always knew what they did with the campaigns, what were the results, and what strategy they were following.

I highly recommend Win Win Win Marketing as experts in their field and great people.

It was a pleasure to work with them."

Robert Coorey ArchiStar.ai/Co-Founder

Matt Marshall


Matt Marshall

Copy Chief

"For me you guys are a 10 of 10 and the reason I give you this is because, we're currently working with multiple ad buyers and we've worked with probably 12 or more in the past. You guys are at a different level with how deep into the funnel you'll go to help us.

You’re not just saying “we're getting good clicks on the ads, but you're not making money. So you guys figure it out.”  You're in there and you're talking about “What can we fix on the sales page?”

And then the fact that you brought us this poll strategy. That was you bring us a totally different strategy that we haven't tested yet. That makes you far more valuable in my eyes compared to a traditional media buyer. So 10 out of 10 for me."

Matt Marshall Profits Run Inc./Copy Chief

Brendan Elias


Brendan Elias

The Founder

atozformula wordmark

"Joakim is a perfect mix between artist and scientist in the Facebook ad campaigns he manages for me.
In his first 90 days he reduces our lead cost buy 63% which massively increased our bottom line.
For our last seminar tour he managed all ad campaigns that generated 12,245seminar registrants in just 30 days."

Brendan Elias A to Z Formula and China Import Formula/The Founder


Hugh Thyer

Direct Response Copywriter

"Joakim knows direct response back to front. He worked right through the funnel with me to maximise conversions at every stage, and to make sure the message and target audience are consistent from start to finish. It’s rare to findsomeone who does this. And it’s why I’ve already recommended him to other clients.
At the end of the day, anyone can get leads but Joakim knows how to get sales."

Hugh Thyer Direct Response Copywriter/ SalesComesFirst.com


Boris Schrenzel

The Founder


"Hi, this is Boris Schrenzel. And I own Bluesteel interactive.

We sell weight loss and dating advice info products on the French Market.
A couple of months ago, I was trying to crack the Facebook code selling these products.
I was lucky enough to meet the win-win-win team and I asked them to help us get those campaigns live, running and compliant long term, not just for a few days on the network and they actually managed to do that and scale really quite a lot actually.

Win Win Win has helped because they are really 360. They're helping to do the creatives, have the idea for the angles, etc…
They really take care of the client's part and obviously run the ads.

We scaled to six figures of ad spend a month with their help and obviously going to try to go further in the coming months.

I would really recommend working with win-win because not only are they really good at what they do at getting those campaigns live - even in difficult niches and scaling them, but they're really nice people and very reactive.

It’s a pleasure to work with them, to grow with them. It just overall a big win for the company this year."

Boris Schrenzel Bluesteel Interactive/The Founder

Nacho Munoz


Nacho Muñoz

The Founder


"I will absolutely recommend to work with Joakim. First because he is serious and communication is awesome. He's smart with the strategy and one thing that is not usual with people in advertising is that Joakim knows Direct Response Marketing.
That's really good because it's not about tricks but it's about know in psychology of sales and getting leads. Joakim know how to do that."

Nacho Muñoz 7-Figure info marketer, Spain


Adil Amarsi

Serial Entrepreneur, Copywriter


"Before working with Joakim, I sucked (really sucked) at getting traffic by myself. I couldn't set my campaigns up correctly. Joakim and I were introduced and I worked with him. A few hours later my first campaigns were up, running and converting. I can't begin to endorse him enough because he's my secret weapon when it comes to creating ads that get clients to my website. If you're considering working with Joakim, don't think. Get in touch with him and he'll have you on the right path in no time."

Adil Amarsi AdilAmarsi.com/Serial Entrepreneur, Copywriter

Brian D. Ridgeway


Brian D. Ridgway

#1 International Bestselling Author

"Hey, aloha. My name is Brian Ridgway.

I help people step into infinite freedom and dissolve the illusion of problems. Been working online for about six years and I'm making this short testimonial for one of the best high tech, high touch experts that I have ever encountered for really helping to get magic done on the internet, specifically in the area of identifying and working with your perfect audience, driving traffic and generating high quality leads with a whole bunch of other technical and marketing skills rode in.

Joakim Hansson, I consider the guy a friend now, even though we've just done a couple projects together he's that great of a guy.

I reached out in the Ask Mastermind several months ago, I was looking for someone who had traffic generation, lead gen and ask ninja technical skills and knowledge with some marketing and maybe even some copywriting thrown in and a few people responded.

When Joakim responded I just had a great feeling, I go by intuition a lot anyway, and I ended up working with him on a couple different projects and both times not only did he deliver everything that he said, he actually went far beyond. He brought a level of professionalism, a level of skill and talent and that initiative and conscientiousness that makes all the difference.

He actually delivered beyond what I asked for. He helped us to spot weaknesses and opportunities that we had missed.

And leverage the whole thing up. In fact, I'm in discussions with him right now about another project. I plan on working with him again, and I will be referring him to other people.

If you get a chance to work with him take it, it can't go wrong. He's really a great guy and he will go beyond the Call of Duty and help you see how to take - no matter what you're asking him to do, he'll help you take it to the next level.


Brian D. Ridgway #1 International Bestselling Author