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We’ve been running online ads since 2004 and have overseen over $1 Billion in sales. If you want to scale your advertising or to market your offer profitably on multiple ad networks then take 4 minutes and read this page - because we will show you how you can achieve it with the IMPACT Method..
Matt Marshall

Matt Marshall, Copy Chief

"For me you guys are a 10 of 10 and the reason I give you this is because you guys are at a different level with how deep into the funnel you'll go to help us..."

The IMPACT Method - New Way To Scale Your Online Ads Profitably

If you haven’t heard about The IMPACT Method it’s because it’s our own invention. We developed this because our clients had big problems with making Facebook and Google Ads profitable. We did over 100 tests before we finally cracked the code for scaling online ads profitably across all online ad networks. The old ways of running your ads don’t work anymore. What works now in 2020/2021 is The Impact Method.

Why The IMPACT Method Produces Superior Results Across All Online Ad Networks

We have found that there are 3 pillars that determine the success or failure of any marketing or advertising campaign … and 98% of all businesses are missing out on at least ONE of them. When we implement the 3 pillars in our clients advertising three things happen:

  • Their ads convert much better, which means more clicks, more shares and more comments. The ads get high engagements resulting in a viral effect so that the ads spread naturally within the right target market.  
  • They pay less for advertising. For two reasons:

    When your ad gets a lot of likes, shares and comments, Facebook will give it priority in the newsfeed at a lower cost.

    This is not true with Google and YouTube Ads. But, here we track the true cost with Cross-Channel Tracking. This way you don’t spend money on ads that seem profitable when you’re only looking at the ads manager’s tracking.

  • They get higher conversions on their campaigns. Why? Because the audience has been pre-sold much better and therefore more qualified to buy.

    We’ve implemented these three pillars in niches including weight loss, supplements, finance, biz-op, self-help, e-commerce and many others. 

We call these 3 pillars the IMPACT Method

The word IMPACT stands for:

Pillar I:

IM — Indisputable Messaging

Pillar II:

PA — Proliferating Ad Engine

Pillar III:

CT — Cross-channel Tracking


INDISPUTABLE MESSAGING is all about your ad. First, if your ad looks like an ad you will get a lower response than if it looks like a vlog or an interesting article or story. 

We have tested this hundreds of times in different niches and the ad that doesn’t look like an ad almost always wins. The second thing is your ad copy. 

You need to forget everything about power words, teasing, curiosity gaps and misleading language. The way to increase your conversions and lower your ad cost today is to give value, be honest and upfront. Plus, your copy has to be compliant with the ad networks policies or your ad will be rejected. 

When you hire us you’ll get ad copy that is both compliant and sells. We have a very systematic way of writing copy that gets high CTR and high conversions in every niche we have worked in.


PROLIFERATING AD ENGINE reminds us that every business should advertise on different ad networks. Here’s why: 

When you advertise on several different ad networks your business becomes safer because you  have multiple streams of income. Plus, you make more sales when your ads are displayed on lots of different ad networks.

Today You Have To Be Where Your Customers Are

If you don’t show up where your customers hang out, how are you going to make any money? You won’t. That’s why we will help you make multiple ad networks work together to bring you bigger scale and profits. This is an upcoming trend in advertising called “omnichannel marketing.”

This is how it works:

Today your customers are everywhere - on Facebook, YouTube, and Google. Plus, they visit all kinds of websites with lots of native ads.

Following your customers in this environment is the key to scaling your business. And we know how to reach the scale you desire within the agreed cost. We’re showing them your ads and retargeting them on different ad networks to further increase your profits.


CROSS-CHANNEL TRACKING is the key to scaling your advertising with profit. If you only use the ad networks tracking it will be difficult to scale profitably. 

The reason for this is that the ad networks tracking is very inaccurate. 

Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t aware of this problem. They’re struggling to scale and they waste time and money to test different strategies which don't work . . . Because the real reason for their problems often lies in flawed tracking.

You’ll Get Real Results Of Your Ads Performance - Not What The Ad Networks Claim

For example, Facebook tends to over report leads and purchases giving you the wrong impression that the campaign is very profitable. In this case, it’s easy to invest in a campaign, which is not bringing you enough profits.

On the other hand, Google, including YouTube, tends to under report the results. It can show you a much lower number of leads or purchases than it is in reality. In this scenario, you might miss on scaling a campaign which is profitable.

So with these inaccurate tracking systems, you end up with incorrect data. You need to count the results manually to make sure you’re investing your money in the right campaigns. And this is extremely time consuming. 

But not with us

To precisely track the results we deliver for you, we use a proven, third-party tracking system. It connects with your CRM or email marketing software and receives all the data from there. That’s why the results it provides are almost 100% accurate.

The other benefit of using our tracking system is - you get access to a dashboard in which you see the results from all of your campaigns and ad networks.

So now, with just one click, you get all the latest data and see how much money you make with us.

Win Win Win Marketing Dashboard

How to escape the low response, high ad cost trap

If you have an online business with a proven offer and if you are struggling to make your advertising profitable, then we’re quite certain we can help you escape the trap you're in.

Because based on our experience working with 7- and 8-figure online companies, we know that whenever a company struggles to advertise and make a profit, it means they neglect at least one of the 3 pillars.

In fact, we’d say about 98% of businesses are missing out on at least ONE of them.

And once we help them fix it — their ad costs drop down, their conversions increase — and they are reaching the scale and profits they desire.

Some Companies We Have Helped Scale

Jon Giaan

Jon Giaan


Mark Rolton

Bill Polous

Bill Poulos

Greg Polous

Greg Poulos

Boris Schrenzel

 Brendan Elias

Brendan Elias

atozformula wordmark
Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel

Nacho Munoz

Nacho Muñoz

Brian D. Ridgeway

Brian D. Ridgway

Robert Coorey

Robert Coorey


A Big Myth That Makes Scaling Difficult

There’s a myth that you need an agency for every different ad network. You don’t. In fact, if you use different agencies for Facebook, Google and YouTube you are asking for trouble.

Here’s why:

When you hire different agencies to handle each network separately it will be much harder to make your campaigns work together, using the same ad angles, the same copy and the same creatives.  

And what happens when your customers see you’re using different styles of communication? They get confused and raise their guards. Now they don’t trust you and might not buy anything from you. 

Plus, sometimes your customers click your ad on Facebook, yet they leave the landing page. Then they go to YouTube, click your ad in there and sign up or buy your product.

What happens when different agencies handle these two networks?

They both claim they got the sale. Because that’s what they see in their ad managers. But the truth is, you got only one sale or lead.

When you hire us you will never experience problems like these. Instead, you’ll have a great opportunity to further scale and expand your advertisement on every major ad network.

That’s because we have experts on each ad network working together to make your advertising profitable across all online channels.

We Treat Your Ad Investments With The Same Respect As We Do With Our Own

We handle ad budgets of over $100k per month across multiple ad networks. And we know how to do it profitably. Our founder, Joakim Hansson, has 32 years of business experience as a CEO and CMO of 8 and 9-figure companies. 

He has overseen well over $1 billion in sales so far and knows how to invest your money wisely. And that’s what we do for our clients. First, we test, then we invest your money in the ads which bring you the biggest profits.

An Invitation To Work With Us

We have one fundamental principle in everything we do. We call it the 3 WINS:

It’s good for us

It’s good for you

It’s good for the greater good

Let us explain number one. We have an abundant, prosperous mindset and we have a heart centered money making business consciousness. This means that we do what we love and the money follows. 

Let’s move on to number two. Our focus is always to bring higher profits to our clients so that they stay with us for a long time. We are not interested in one night stands. We want a long prosperous relationship with our clients. 

And number three. For us this means that what we do together is not only beneficial for us but also for your customers and the society as a whole. Working with our clients always follows The Golden Rule: “Do not do unto others what you do not want done to yourself”.

You only pay when you profit

There are a lot of marketing agencies with their hands out willing to spend your money without giving you any guarantee that your ads will work. We don’t roll like that. When you become a client of ours you only pay when you profit.

So, if you want to explore if we’re a good match, send us message at details @ wwwm.eu with the subject line “Details”.

We will get back to you with the details the same day (Mon-Fri).

Thank you for your interest. Looking forward to speaking with you.

Joakim Hansson
CEO, WinWinWin Marketing